What is the difference between marijuana and hemp?

What is the difference between marijuana and hemp?

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To break the stigma associated with HEMP, it is important to understand the difference between “marijuana “, and hemp and what the word cannabis refers to.

Cannabis is the genus of the plant species. Cannabis Sativa L. to be exact.

Marijuana and Hemp  are related through the same genus of plant, cannabis sativa L. They are like cousins. They are related and look somewhat similar, but behave very differently and are not the same thing.

While  Hemp is a rather helpful resource in the world, due to it’s many industrial uses it lacks the stimulating, intoxicating power of the substance known as delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, or for short, THC. It is this active chemical of THC that brings about most of the “high” associated with marijuana.  While  Hemp usually contains less than 1% of this substance (THC ), “marijuana” possesses between 4 % and 20%. Ingesting marijuana will intoxicate you. Ingesting hemp will not.  You can utilize the fibers, bast hurds, & stalks of the hemp plant for a variety of fuel, fiber,  & building materials. Hemp seeds can be cold pressed for their oil which is high in EFA’s and it used as a nutritional supplement. Hemp is considered to be an industrial product and nutritional supplement. Marijuana is used for it’s medicinal properties as a medicine or for it’s intoxicating properties as a drug.

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